Learn more about budgies and other small birds.

Raising a baby budgie can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Understanding the growth process and needs of a baby budgie in its first month of life is crucial for ensuring that your new feathered friend is healthy and happy.

Days 1-3: Freshly Hatched, Rapid Growth

On day 1, the budgie hatches from its shell and enters the world. At this stage, the baby budgie is small, blind, and featherless. It is weak and helpless, and relies on its mother for warmth and food.

By the third day, you’ll notice a significant increase in size as baby budgies grow exponentially. They can go from 2-3cm (~1in) in length to 6cm (~2.4in) in just two days.

During the first three days of life, a baby budgie is small, blind, and featherless, relying on its mother for warmth and food.

Day 8: Feathers Emerging

By day 8, the budgie’s feather buds start to appear on its skin and its eyes begin to open. At this stage, the baby budgie is starting to become more active and aware of its surroundings.

Day 15: Exploring and Socializing

By day 15, your baby budgie’s feathers are starting to take shape! You’ll see different hues and patterns starting to emerge, making them even more adorable than before.

They’re becoming more active and social too. Now your budgies may start showing off their newly acquired strength and agility.

You’ll love watching them interact with their feathered friends as they start to explore their surroundings and gain more confidence in their movements.

Day 23: Vibrant Colors and Agile Movement

As your baby budgie reaches day 23, their feathers will have fully formed and the unique colors and patterns of their breed will start to become more prominent.

Budgies will become more agile, social, and interactive with their surroundings, climbing on arms and sticks, and interacting with other birds. Their grip will also become firmer as they continue to grow and develop.

Day 29: Interacting and Bonding

Your baby budgie is now a colorful and active little bird, with fully grown and strong feathers in a variety of hues.

It’s tail is longer and more vibrant, and its eyes are now fully developed, giving it the ability to explore and socialize with other birds.

It’s truly a sight to behold!

Day 36: Ready to Fly and Feed Solo

By day 36, your baby budgie is ready to spread its wings and take flight!

Its feathers are fully grown and strong, allowing it to soar and explore its surroundings.

The little one is becoming more independent, mastering the art of perching on wood and even your hand. Plus, the budgie should able to feed itself without any assistance.

Watch as it takes off on its own adventures!


It’s important to note that the growth cycle of a baby budgie may vary slightly depending on its breed and environment. If you notice any abnormalities or have concerns about your baby budgie’s health, it’s best to consult a qualified veterinarian.