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The sun parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis), also known as the sun conure, is a lovely and vibrantly colored bird packed with friendliness and usually a playful personality.

This beautiful parrot got its name because of their sun-like colored feathers. When in a large flock, their vivid feathers turns the sky into a sunset.

Sun parakeets are playful, social, and very active birds. Because they are so social, they require a lot of time and attention from your side. Make sure that you can afford to handle their need of affection.. and their singing.

These medium-sized birds can be very good at copying sounds and performing tricks.

The appearance – male and female

If we talk about appearance, both males and females look almost similar concerning colors. Males are usually brighter and are said to have a square type and flat-head while females have rounded and small heads.


The sun conures comes from South America – Northern Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

Characteristics and features:

  • Scientific Name: Aratinga solstitialis
  • Common Names: Sun conure, sun parakeet
  • Color: Sun conures usually have bright orange and yellow colors. The mixture of these two colors on parrot looks stunning and fabulous.
  • Size and Weight The sun conures do not have massive or giant size. They are mostly present in small sizes and look cute. The sun conure is 30 cm (12 in) in length having 110 g (4 oz) weight.
  • Lifespan: If they are given special care, then the average lifespan is 20-30 years. It means that if you want to have a sun conure and provide him with special care and attention, he would prove to be your good partner long time.
  • Sound: The Sun Conure is a vocal communicator. It has a vocalized voice and it can communicate well with humans if taught to do so.
  • Common Names: Sun conure, sun parakeet

Other birds of the same family

Colorful Sun Conure prrot Conure parrots range from small to medium size and come in various categories. Below, other birds of the same category:

Blue-crowned Conure

The blue-crowned conure is one of the member birds of the conure family. It has high intelligence and excellent vocabulary. It is available in blue and green colors and has approximately 37cm (14.5 in) size. These are very social and always demands company.

Green-Cheeked Conure

The green-cheeked conure is mostly found in the wooden areas and forests of Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. They are known for being playful and affectionate. Most of the green-cheeked conures do not talk much but, if taught, they can learn some simple tricks. Both male and female conures have identical coloring, usually found in green and gray colors.

Jenday Conure

Jenday conure is famous for its relaxed and easy attitude compared to other conures. The jenday conure has about the same size and shape as the sun parakeet. Jenday conure has a size of 30cm (12 in) and the lifespan of over 30 years. The jenday conure is native to palm groves and woodlands of northeastern Brazil.

Nutrition and diet

Below, some of the most loved foods:

  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Pellet foods
  • Seed mixtures
  • Potatoes
  • Berries

Common health problems

Like other parrots, these beauties may suffer from feather picking. There can be several reasons for this to happen but most likely your bird is not getting enough attention.Feather picking can also happen because a medical condition. If you think that your bird is ill, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Common questions about sun conure parrots

Can sun parakeets talk?

Well, if we talk about the talking ability of sun conures, they can talk, but not like other parrots. They can be taught to talk, but soon you may realize that they just don’t like to talk human phrases. They can make some musical voices like a doorbell, telephone, microwaves or whistles, etc.

Can a sun conure be a good pet?

Ofcourse, a sun conure is a great bird to love and care. In general, sun conure is very lovely but if they are provoked, they bite. They prove to be your good friend and a good family member if you provide them attention and special care. Read more about common questions and answers.

How much does a sun conure cost?

You can expect to buy an adult sun conure ranging from 400 to 600 dollars. Physical appearance may increase the price.

Want to adopt a sun conure?

If you have fallen in love with this beauty and consider to adopt, check out the following: