Learn more about budgies and other small birds.

If you are wondering “How to make your parakeet love you” then you already know that parakeets are one of the loveliest, most entertaining, smartest and funniest pets one can ask for.

Picking a pretty budgie, setting up a beautiful cage, and waiting to be “entertained” all your life is not the best way to get the most out of your budgie. Because as pet owners, we provide our pets with food, water, shelter, attention and care. In return, we ask only for their love, affection and loyalty.

Do you want your budgie to love you? Do you want your budgie to give you the right attention and space, and delightfully curl her feathers as you enter the room? Well, below are some tips for you to make your budgie love you.

Always handle your budgie carefully

Caress her gently and occasionally give her treats from your hand to develop your loving bond. Budgies are often scratched on the head and under the wings. They love to get affection from their owners.

Make your budgie comfortable in your home. Your budgie can not build this relationship with you when she feels insecure, and her cage is her place of refuge. Store her cage in a room where you and your family spend more time, also a place where you can rest around evening time. She will appreciate being with you and your family all day long. Protect her from sudden noises.

Spend enough time with your budgie

In the wild, budgerigars are always the herding type, so it is even more important to spend one to one time with her if she is the only bird in the house. Try to give them at least an hour a day for their direct attention. It does not have to be all at once; You can make it for a few short sessions.

Create a relationship between you and your little feathered friend

Make her trust you. Now that she feels comfortable in her cage, you can work to build her trust in you. Always approach your budgie calmly and address him in a calming tone. If she stays calm, she can see you as a friend rather than a threat. Do not reach for your bird. Let her come to you instead when she is ready to be handled.

Play with your budgie

When you spend time together to undergo an activity that your budgie loves, She will wake up happy every time she sees you. Throw a piece of food in the air so your budgie can fly and catch it. Play Peek-a-Boo. She will love it.

Tame your budgie

Taming your budgie means training it to follow basic orders and stay in your home without destroying your belongings or doing business outside the cage. If your budgie is tamed, she can spend more time with you and is glad she is free to move. The time you spend with your budgie to complete this training will establish a strong and lasting bond.

Train your budgie with some basic commands

If you know what you expect from her exactly, her confidence in you will be strengthened. Also, the time spent training is a great bonding activity that you can share. Read our article “How to train your parakeet” to learn more about budgie’s training

I believe If you understand heed to these simple tips, your budgie will love you in no time!

Always have it in mind that your budgie is not just a bird, but a friend, this attitude will lead to a healthy relationship between you and your budgie. It’s all about having a good time and building a bond that can last a lifetime.